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Viking’s Daughter v1.8.0 Backer Build

Hello everyone, Viking’s Daughter v1.8.0 is available on Patreon to our supporters. Our first beta phase went smooth and we fixed all of the minor bugs without losing much time. Here you can see the changelog and as always, if […]


Elf Home & Patreon Reward Bonuses

Hey guys, At this point the game has a lot of things and it’s almost impossible for two developers to test every possible scenario. We have made tools to help us with the testing, but it still takes a lot […]


Viking’s Daughter v1.7.0 Public Release

Hey guys, You can download the public free version from here. We have been mainly working on the AI and managed to add a hunting quest. Currently the animals support idle, patrol, rest, flee and death state, but we will […]