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Viking’s Daughter v0.11.0 Public

Hey everyone, You can download the v0.11.0 public build now! We also added game cheats for speed boost and a nude patch, you can see the instructions here. Changelog NSFW Sex sounds during all of the Alvilda’s NSFW scenes. This […]


Angled Melee Attacks (Dev Update)

Hey guys, We have been experimenting with the melee angled attacks and we finally managed to have nice controls. Our first approach was to track the mouse position and depending on it, we selected an attack animation. The problem with […]


Viking’s Daughter v1.9.1 Free Build

It’s time for a public release! We have done huge terrain changes, literally got rid of the old one and replaced it by the exact same copy, but made in another application to improve our workflow in the future, so […]


Viking’s Daughter v1.9.0 Public Release

Hello guys, It’s time for a public release! We had a small data loss a few days after building the backer build, so this month both builds are the same, since we cannot go back and build the public version […]