Angled Melee Attacks (Dev Update)


Angled Melee Attacks (Dev Update)

Hey guys,

We have been experimenting with the melee angled attacks and we finally managed to have nice controls. Our first approach was to track the mouse position and depending on it, we selected an attack animation. The problem with that was that we had to limit where the mouse should go and it wasn’t working well on Linux and Mac.

The current solution is to play an attack animation based on where the player is looking at. We track the X and Y rotation of the camera attached to the player’s head and we select the appropriate animation. There are also limitations on the X axis, so even if you turn from the left side 180 degrees you will be able to perform the right to left attack with a slight mouse movement to the right side of the screen.

We also finished working on the quest log and added a description for every quest.

Our next goal is to finish the weapon switching system. As you can see on the pictures, there are 4 slots above the health bar, which will be used to hold the weapons from the inventory. We are going to giveaway the sword in the next release, so you can give us feedback while we are finishing the inventory.

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